I just realized that the job I’m about to get is a total scam.

A friend recommended that I should work at this company called Primerica.

So I went to the meeting, watched a bunch of videos about the company and jobs offered, blah, blah, blah. Sounds great. The only thing I was interested in was how much I’d be getting paid, which, might I add, is good money!

So, I started thinking about it tonight, and in the midst of my wise thoughts, I realized that this is definitely a pyramid scheme.

No one can top Charles Ponzi. Try again, Primerica.

However, I’m considering making that extra money. What do I have to lose? :)

Primerica Scheme Ponzi Scheme Pyramid

  1. pennylane555 answered: its a scam, I swear. My aunt worked for it.
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